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Book Review by Mikayla: Airhead by Meg Cabot

Airhead by Meg Cabot is overall a good read for teens. It fits into realistic fiction/drama. The main character is a teenage girl named Emerson (“Em”) Watts who is a nerdy social outcast. She lives with her parents who are both college professors and her celebrity-obsessed sister, Frida. Near their apartment, a SoHo Stark Mega Store is being built that features everything from clothes to electronics. Because of her sister, Em is dragged to the grand opening to see the British pop-star Gabriel Luna perform and in her hopes to meet the Stark Supermodel, Nikki Howards.

As Frida, Em, and Em’s friend, Christopher, arrive at the opening, disaster begins. The group is listening to the dreamy Gabriel sing, as a huge Stark TV comes loose from a wall because a protester shot it with a paintball. The TV tragically falls on both Em and the hottest celebrity at the time, Nikki Howards. Em wakes up in a hospital room with a whole new body. After several days of confusion, the doctors explain that Em has had a brain transfer with the one and only Nikki Howard. After the tragic event, Nikki Howard died, and since she was a very important person, Stark and their hospital decided to undergo the brain transfer.

Now, Emerson lives in a luxurious apartment, is rich, and has to take the role of the most famous super-model known. In the story, Meg Cabot uses easy vocabulary with some challenging words, making the book more interesting from the way it’s worded. I like Cabot’s writing style because it fits the book for what it’s supposed to be, a YA Drama.

My favorite scene in the book is hands down when Em arrives at her new apartment, which was Nikki Howard’s, and discovers all of the clothes and different features she never had in her average apartment. It’s very visual, so you can imagine the entire space. Another thing I enjoy about the book is that Meg Cabot makes the characters believable. Em Watts reminds me of Emma Watson (and not just by the name!). Frida reminds me of Willow Shields from The Hunger Games, and Gabriel Luna reminds me of Carlos Pena, from Disney Channel.

In conclusion, Airhead by Meg Cabot was well done and I recommend it to all young adults.

1 . by Jill G on 03/11/2014

Teen book reviews are a great addition to your website! Looking forward to reading more!

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