by Pauline on 03/12/2014   (updated 03/13/2014)

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Pauline Gruber’s book, The Girl and The Raven, is absolutely perfect for a tween girl like me. Of course since it’s a book for young adult girls there has to be a love triangle. There is an absolutely brilliant one. It was hard to choose between Marcus and Dylan.

The greatest thing about the book was that you feel like you have jumped into the main character Lucy’s life. The book let me feel Lucy’s emotions. When she was sad, I felt sad. When she was happy, I was exuberant!

A more serious matter of the story was her addict mother and conflicts between Lucy and her dad. The Girl and The Raven taught me that even though our parents sometimes may abandon us, they’re still our parents no matter what. The Girl and The Raven also helped me boost my self-esteem. Lucy, who was from the South and dressed very shaggy, was accepted immediately in her school in Chicago—no matter the way that she dressed. It assured me that I did not have to dress like a fashion star to get people to like me. I just had to be myself.

What can you learn from The Girl and The Raven?

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